I Dwell In Possibility: Artworks Selected by Poet Laureate Tod Marshall

Washington's Poet Laureate Tod Marshall (2016-2017): "Like poetry, works of art can affect us in different ways. Sometimes a poem will imply a story: 'broken bowl/the pieces/still rocking' (by Penny Harter). Was the bowl dropped, thrown down in anger, accidentally bumped because someone was daydreaming about a childhood? We’ll never know, but the image resonates and language has given us a glimpse into an actual or imagined world. That’s one of the things art can do. I have chosen a wide range of works in the State Art Collection; some emphasize song-like movement of color or line; some have political resonance; some ask us to see nature in a different way; some tell us stories about the creators (or ourselves). My title for this gallery comes from an Emily Dickinson poem; I hope that you enjoy these works and that they reveal the many possibilities in which art allows us to dwell."

(Published April 2017)

Artwork copyright Mary Randlett. Photo courtesy of the artist.